2021 Playoff Restructure

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2021 Playoff Restructure

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If you plan on running any of the playoff pools this season, here are the necessary tweaks you need to make to account for the new structure.

Update Database
  1. Download and update the 'playoffSchedule.mdb' file in your database
  2. Copy the data from the text file over to 'playoffSchedule' in your database (you'll have to add two lines prior to pasting over current info)
Update 'common.asp' file
(located in --> /includes/common.asp)

On line 53, adjust the 2 to a 3.

Code: Select all

'Define the number of wild card playoff teams in each conference.
	const WILD_CARD_TEAMS = 3

Please let me know if you have any questions.
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Re: 2021 Playoff Restructure

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I made the changes and was able to update the schedule. I tried to put picks in but they don't seem to save. Anyone else having that problem or is it just me?

****Ooops, I must have had an older copy of PlayoffPickEntry on my local server. It works fine, just another self inflicted wound****
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